About Me

Who I am

Hi, I’m Anamol, a designer and a strategic thinker. I identify complex organizational issues and simplify operations through industry-standard practices to meet your business goals and objectives. I develop business and design strategies–solutions to help your business relate better with your audience. I have worked with various clients over the years in a wide array of domains.

Who I worked with

What I do

Project Management (PM)

I run project management strategies and operations that meet your business goals.

Product Design (UI/UX)

I wireframe, design and prototype user interfaces: web and iOS.

User Experience (UX)

I help enhance user interaction and user satisfaction with your product.

Service Design (CX)

I develop efficient end-to-end customer journey for your business.

Digital Design

I produce brand experiences through various digital design mediums.

Digital Marketing

I plan and execute digital marketing strategies tailored for your business.

Motion Design

I create motion design animations for your brand and business.

Video Production

I help brands and businesses create industry standard videos.

What I use

Fun facts

Vedic Astrology:

Have been into occasional birth-chart reading expeditions since 2015.


How I soar my anxiety: watching those dips that keep on dipping.


I've been bench-pressing and deadlifting since 2011.


Been playing this sport since forever. The best sport if you ask me.

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